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Our process begins with a phone call or email from you. Please contact us to set up a “Discovery Meeting” in which we will get an understanding of your business needs, timing and success measures. We will actively listen and clearly define your needs and understand where we can help and add value. And you get to know us and see if we are the right fit.

Your needs. Met.

We want to be in tune with what you are looking for in a partnership. Once we know what you are looking for, we will draft a proposal outlining a mutually agreed upon statement of work. This will help guide you and us through the deliverables and insure that there are no surprises.

Confidentiality is key: When you work with Flashpoint Strategy, client project details are not shared with anyone outside your company or Flashpoint Strategy. Period. Our goal is to ensure that your ideas are in safe hands. A non-disclosure agreement is established from the very beginning so that you can fully share project details.

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A very weighted question indeed.. And a tricky answer. One of my favorite things to tell clients is that when it come to innovation, “There are no bad ideas.. Just ideas that distract you from more profitable choices.” I recently shared this philosophy with a fellow innovator and not only did he agree, but he [...]

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Traveling North in Vietnam to Dong Ha in the Quang Tri Providence has brought us closer to the sea and thusly Seafood. And it has been wonderful to taste that influence in the foods. For example, take the lowly squid. Boiled it doesn’t do much more most people but serving it with cilantro, morning glory [...]

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So much good food to eat, so little time to blog.. A week in to my culinary travels around Vietnam and this is the first post I am squeaking out. To say the food is fabulous and stop there is a tempting place to stop given how complex and foreign many of the ingredients and [...]

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"Working with Kate Ruffing of Flashpoint Strategy is like working with a Foodie on Marketing steroids."
~ Michael Stelzer, Co-founder and President, Marlin

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"Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results, is the definition of crazy."
~ Unknown