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Our innovation specialists are pleased to work with you in order to identify your specific business needs. From professionally trained chefs to R&D Scientists, Packaging Designers to Engineers, we assemble teams tailored to your needs.

Experienced. Creative. Professional.

Primary Principle:

Kate Ruffing

Kate Ruffing, Chief Innovation Officer & Strategy Specialist

Highlighted Expertise: Strategy Development; Trend & Consumer Insights; Marketing & Branding; Product Development; Product Commercialization; Sustainable Agriculture; Project Management.

Principle consultant and founder of Flashpoint Strategy, Kate comes with a comprehensive understanding of food and beverage to serve your business’ needs. With over 15 years of hands-on industry experience, she has in-depth awareness of what makes business successful - From Idea Generation to Market Launch. Kate is a true innovator and entrepreneur and knows what it takes to be successful and differentiated in the market. Her background and expertise can be leveraged to deliver growth and solid returns for your company.

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Supporting Team Members:

Mike Chapter, Chef and Independent Culinary Consultant

Highlighted Expertise: Product and recipe development; food styling; recipe editing and copywriting; performance/tolerance testing; restaurant operations; education and training (including ServSafe).

Mike is a doers- not just creative thinker. He is a seasoned culinary and business professional with broad experience in the food industry. Mike’s expertise includes consumer packaged goods for the retail and foodservice sectors, research and development for the restaurant industry, restaurant management, and culinary education and training. A graduate of both Purdue University (Foods & Nutrition) and Kendall College (Culinary Arts), Mike brings passion, business savvy, and an incredible attention to detail to every project.

Amy Wise, General Technical Manager

Highlighted Expertise: Product Development, Recipe Development, Nutritional Analysis, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Compliance, Ingredient Consulting.

Amy is a seasoned Research & Development professional. She works to make prototype products ready for commercial production by providing expertise in the areas of recipe development, product trial, quality assurance.

Other team members include:

  • Packaging Engineer
  • Packaging and Graphic Designer
  • Sustainability Expert
  • Website Designer
  • Creative Agency
  • Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

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"Kate is keenly observant... building solid and creative ideas and concepts in service of the greater purpose of creating sustainable commerce and good will for all involved…pitch perfect!"
~ Erin Baker, Founder and CEO, Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies

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