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Is there such a thing as a “Bad Idea”?


A very weighted question indeed.. And a tricky answer.

One of my favorite things to tell clients is that when it come to innovation,

“There are no bad ideas.. Just ideas that distract you from more profitable choices.”

I recently shared this philosophy with a fellow innovator and not only did he agree, but he told me he was going to shamelessly steal the quote and market it as his own. All in jest (I think) but then again, he is a seasoned, brilliant marketer so you never know.

So this post not only serves to stake a formal copyright claim on this quote, but to share why I think this is an important concept for all innovators, brand managers and business owner to embrace.

After all, the expression “think outside the box” can, in fact, quickly take you “out over your skis”.

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Traveling North in Vietnam: Seafood Focus


Traveling North in Vietnam to Dong Ha in the Quang Tri Providence has brought us closer to the sea and thusly Seafood. And it has been wonderful to taste that influence in the foods.

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The food of Ho Chi Minh City


So much good food to eat, so little time to blog.. A week in to my culinary travels around Vietnam and this is the first post I am squeaking out. To say the food is fabulous and stop there is a tempting place to stop given how complex and foreign many of the ingredients and techniques are. Not to mention how hard it is to remember the Vietnamese names to dishes. But for you who are interested in food, I will try.

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The “Why” Matters more than the What: Simon Sinek speaks about the Power of Why?

Last week I saw Simon Sinek speak at a conference about “The Power of Why?” in your brand and brand strategy.

Very inspiring way to think about your brand and how you want to grow your equity with consumers.  Do they “love” you?  Forgive you?  Stop at nothing to get you?  Why is that?  Is it because you have a superior list of features and benefits, or because you have connected with them on a personal level in a way that elicits and emotional response.

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