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Simple is Better: Consumers shopping “Clean” ingredient lines

January signals the start of a new year and for millions of Americans, it also signals the start of diet season.  This is a relatively short season- lasting on average only 3 weeks- but some habits and H&W trends stick around longer.

One such trend is the switch from reading nutritional labels on food products to scanning the ingredient statements.  More and more, the list of ingredients is signaling to consumers that a product is “better for them” and shorter is better.  Häagen-Dazs® has capitalized on this trend with their  Häagen-Dazs® Five product line
which features only 5 ingredients (that even a 5-year old can read).  The good people at Institute of Food Technologist recently published a summary of their findings related to this shift in behavior. Read More…

Top Cities for Foodies

Some new capital cities of dining have been announced!  The Top 50 for foodies.

Check out the latest places to check out on your next foodie adventure as captured and cataloged by Judy Hevrdejs at the Chicago Tribune.

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The New Driving Force at Lunchtime: Food Trucks

Flashpoint Strategy was in Chicago last week for the National Restaurant Association meeting.  It was a banner year for cool ideas.  One of these hot trends was Food Trucks.

According to Mobi Munch, one of the turnkey Food Truck suppliers exhibiting at the NRA Show, “over 2.5 billion people now consumer street food every day, and this number continues to grow steadily.”  While I will assume that this is a global  number (given there are approximately 311 million US consumers), you could assume that all percentages being equal, that roughly 36% of the US Population (111 million) are on a similar trend.

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