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Is there such a thing as a “Bad Idea”?


A very weighted question indeed.. And a tricky answer.

One of my favorite things to tell clients is that when it come to innovation,

“There are no bad ideas.. Just ideas that distract you from more profitable choices.”

I recently shared this philosophy with a fellow innovator and not only did he agree, but he told me he was going to shamelessly steal the quote and market it as his own. All in jest (I think) but then again, he is a seasoned, brilliant marketer so you never know.

So this post not only serves to stake a formal copyright claim on this quote, but to share why I think this is an important concept for all innovators, brand managers and business owner to embrace.

After all, the expression “think outside the box” can, in fact, quickly take you “out over your skis”.

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Let’s Play : Key to Innovation


Every once in a while I read an article that causes me to jump out of my chair and yell, “Amen!” with the conviction of a Southern Evangelical Preacher.  This would be an article that inspires such a blessing.  I couldn’t agree more with Dorie Clark’s article in Forbes or her statement that “Innovation and productivity can arise from a sense of play”.


Play and recess is not a concept that should be abandoned when we leave elementary school.  Rather, it should be taken with us into our professional lives to spur on imagination and creativity.

After all, play is safe.  You are given permission to make mistakes (and just call for a re-do) and are free to explore and experiment without having all the answers.  It is also something you can do with others which helps build ideas and professional relationships.  Watching children at a play ground is great example of this.  When they invent something, a game or an imaginary situation, everyone is playing a part to creating the rules or construct.  When applied to business this not only creates a collaborative environment, but one that does not feel like work.

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Th Big Opps! Common Mistakes that Small Growing Companies Make

Here are some tips that every business manager can use especially when in start up mode. Brought to you by Martin Swilling at Forbes Magazine.  I have shortened it a bit for a quick read but for the full article, click here.

I’ve been advising and mentoring startups and growth companies for years, and find myself always pushing them to try something new, for the sake of growth and survival.  When you try new things, you make mistakes, and I’ve seen many. Smart companies learn from their own mistakes, but some don’t pay enough attention to other people’s mistakes.  In the spirit of saving you a few lifetimes of pain, here are some common mistakes that seem to happen routinely:

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