Energy Drinks vs. Relaxing Drinks: Both slated to be winners

(c) Tilt Energy, 2011You have heard about the rise of the Energy Drink.  From “shots” to 16 oz. beverages, energy has been a growing category for a few years and shows no sign of slowing.  But also growing is a trend around “relaxing” and beverages that help you feel calm.  It won’t be a battle to see what wins – both will continue to dominate the market as consumers seek ways to regulate and enhance their lives through food and beverage.  Read more from the minds at Prepared Foods.

“Energy beverages and sports drinks are, at first glance, a fairly interconnected trend. They are marketed to the same youthful consumer base and attempt to capitalize on the desire for “something extra” from a beverage, be it an energizing benefit or simply hydration. However, both segments are underperforming in terms of launches. While energy drink introductions in 2011 far surpassed 2010’s totals, almost matching 2009’s, none of those years approached 2008’s heyday. Manufacturers would appear to realize consumers might be looking for benefits beyond energy, as recent years have seen a spate of what are termed “relaxation” drinks.

“There is clear potential for further growth [in relaxation beverages] in the coming years,” Cecilia Martinez, market analyst at UK beverage research group Zenith Int., explained in a Reuters interview. She noted 36 million gallons of relaxation drinks were sold in 2010, twice 2008’s sales, and predicts volume sales of relaxation drinks will exceed 79 million gallons by 2014. This is still well shy of the 357 million gallons of energy-oriented drinks sold in 2009.

Regardless, the relaxation drink segment was active in 2011‑though Innovative Beverage Group’s “drank Island Time” might not be seen much past a year: Peter Bianchi, company CEO, was quoted to have “developed drank Island Time with the end of the world in mind.” Citing Mayans and other cultures said to believe 2012 would bring the end of the world, Bianchi added, “with all the talk about this topic, I would hope to be on an island somewhere with a ‘drank’ in hand, toes in the sand and a clear mind when the world comes to an end.”

For its take on relaxation, Bebida Beverage Co. is less apocalyptic. Announced in December 2011, its “Relax 5” will be a 2oz relaxation shot with an orange flavor and a blend of supplements, including melatonin. It and other such introductions signal a change in course for the energy drink segment, according to The Values Institute at DGWB, a brand researcher within DGWB Advertising & Communications. “Traditionally marketed toward younger consumers, the energy drink market will slowly wake up to the fact that it has been neglecting an even bigger consumer market in the over-60, retired crowd and become increasingly popular among seniors,” stated a company report.”

For the full article and more about beverage trends, read here.

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