Exploring Vietnamese Culinary Trends : A journey to Vietnam

 In March, I will be traveling to Vietnam for two weeks with Peace Trees Vietnam, a NGO (non-governmental organization).  Beyond supporting Peace Tree’s humanitarian efforts, I am looking forward to exploring the culinary world of Vietnam with all flavors and format that are growing in popularity globally.  From Pho to fish sauce, and Saigon Cinnamon to Bird’s Eye Chili, the influence of this area of the world is showing up in dishes everywhere.

Over two weeks, I will be traveling from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi and spending most of my time in rural areas in the farm fields, orchards and village kitchens.  This is where the real culinary trends start.

There will be even an opportunity to cook with the Vietnam Women’s Union.  This will be both an honor and a privilege and a very rare opportunity to enter the sacred and loving place of a kitchen.  Not only will I learn about the techniques and flavors of Vietnamese cooking, but the heart, soul, laughter and tears that are embedded in every dish.


Over the last 10 years, trends for Asian flavors and styles of cooking have been on the rise.  This increased popularity is spurred on my increased diversity in the U.S. (with the Asian American population expected to reach 10% by 2050 according to the U.S. Census) and the expanded palate of Generation Y.  It is also heavily influenced by growing concern around Health & Wellness whereas now many consumers are looking East for food remedies to balance mind, body and spirit.

And as consumers look beyond salt to increase the flavor in their foods with less sodium, the spicy, sweet, sour, bitter and umami flavors are seeing a surge.

I will exploring the markets, farm fields and kitchens of Vietnam starting March 4th and posting my latest finds to inspire your next innovative new product.

If anyone has a “must see” restaurant or food to explore, please send an email to info@flashpointstrategy.com or post a comment.

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