Make an impact : Presentation guide for New Ideas

Sometimes there are good ideas that often never get off the ground.  Part of the reason for their pre-mature failure is because of the way they are presented to audiences.

Innovators and business managers often over look the power that a presentation has on an idea.  How many times have you seen a successful idea launch that someone else has already tried but it went no where.  Frustrating huh?  Having the right, or wrong, presentation of an idea can really make or break the big  break-out opportunity for others.

So when you think about great presenters, who comes to mind?  Steve Jobs is one that I often mentally reach for when I think about this.  Remember how he introduced the iPhone?  I still get goosebumps when I think about the urge I felt to run out and instantly buy one.  Talk about your successful product launches!

So what make a successful presentation?  How can you prepare to bring your audiences along your inspiration pathway?  As if the business Gods were listening, I happened upon the following..

In presenting any idea, but especially new ideas, it is critical to adopt an element of storytelling.  Inspiring your audience to 1) recognize where they are 2) understand where you want to take them and 3) how you are going to do this (fill the gap between present and future state).

Good presenters make this look easy.  They tell a story, with a degree of emotion, and bring you on the journey.

Nancy Duarte gave a wonderful talk about just this during a recent TEDxTalk.  It is a must watch video for anyone presenting an idea, big or small.  Check it out..


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