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Overview of Vietnamese Cooking and Flavors

Next week I leave for Vietnam.  As only a foodie will, my preparation has been focused around, well, food.

I have visited my doctor for my needed shots but really to get prescriptions to assist me if I consume anything that doesn’t “agree with me”.  I have downloaded my English to Vietnamese smartphone application and earmarked the words associated with food and eating.  I have packed my veggie peeler to take the skins off of fruits and veggies that may not be clean and my travel knife set.

And I have been reading Kim Fay’s wonderful book “Communion : A Culinary Journey through Vietnam” to become familiar with the flavors and techniques of the regions I will be traveling through.

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Exploring Vietnamese Culinary Trends : A journey to Vietnam

 In March, I will be traveling to Vietnam for two weeks with Peace Trees Vietnam, a NGO (non-governmental organization).  Beyond supporting Peace Tree’s humanitarian efforts, I am looking forward to exploring the culinary world of Vietnam with all flavors and format that are growing in popularity globally.  From Pho to fish sauce, and Saigon Cinnamon to Bird’s Eye Chili, the influence of this area of the world is showing up in dishes everywhere.

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