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Consider Flashpoint Strategy your strategic, innovative, business partner from idea generation through implementation. Our functional and industry expertise allow us to lend a unique perspective to your business. We understand the big picture and help clients frame their business strategy, prototype their ideas, scale them for commercial production, get them produced, and create leading marketing plans to successfully launch them into market. Our work is tailored to your needs.

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Industry Expertise

Knowing the Food & Beverage industry inside and out is imperative for success in this highly competitive world. There is no substitute for knowing the evolving trends and consumer insights that are shaping the foods & beverages of tomorrow. We draw upon years of direct, hands-on experience as well as a deep understanding of the changing trends in the industry to ensure our clients' success. We work across many areas of the food & beverage industry including:

  • Retail
  • Foodservice
  • Consumer Packaged Goods/Grocery
  • Agriculture/Agribusiness

Functional Expertise

The fundamentals of business are as important as industry expertise. Excellence in these disciplines can define an organization's ability to keep up with change. From strategy development to social media marketing, we are committed to helping our clients build their functional skills and boost performance for the long term. Flashpoint Strategy can help with:

  • Strategy Development
  • Brand Development/Management
  • Product/Portfolio Management
  • Product Development & Commercialization
  • Pricing
  • Promotions & Marketing Communication (including Social Media)

Idea Flash Blog

A very weighted question indeed.. And a tricky answer. One of my favorite things to tell clients is that when it come to innovation, “There are no bad ideas.. Just ideas that distract you from more profitable choices.” I recently shared this philosophy with a fellow innovator and not only did he agree, but he [...]

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Traveling North in Vietnam to Dong Ha in the Quang Tri Providence has brought us closer to the sea and thusly Seafood. And it has been wonderful to taste that influence in the foods. For example, take the lowly squid. Boiled it doesn’t do much more most people but serving it with cilantro, morning glory [...]

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So much good food to eat, so little time to blog.. A week in to my culinary travels around Vietnam and this is the first post I am squeaking out. To say the food is fabulous and stop there is a tempting place to stop given how complex and foreign many of the ingredients and [...]

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"Kate is keenly observant... building solid and creative ideas and concepts in service of the greater purpose of creating sustainable commerce and good will for all involved…pitch perfect!"
~ Erin Baker, Founder and CEO, Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies

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Inspirational Thoughts

"I can’t understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I’m frightened of old ones."
~ John Cage