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Our Approach

Personal. Collaborative. Innovative.

To us, business is personal. Unlike large consulting firms, we get to really know our clients, their business and their needs. We believe in establishing a relationship with someone you can trust and can continue to access as your business needs evolve.  As athletes, our philosophy is grounded in collaborative teamwork with expertise coming from inside an outside your organization to win in the competitive business environment.


We provide a seamless integration of strategic acumen, functional expertise, and industry knowledge melding into your work environment. We become part of your team and collaboration between client and consultant is the key to success.

What makes Flashpoint Strategy different is not only our innovative, big-picture, and holistic approach, but the cross-pollination we establish with you and your business. When you engage Flashpoint Strategy, know that we will work with you to find the best solution to meet your business opportunity.

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